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Vincent Van Gogh in POST series by Laurence de Valmy


In January 1890, Theo Van Gogh had a boy that he named Vincent after his brother. Vincent was very happy for Theo and just wished the boy had been named after their father, since he considered himself not a role model. 

As a gift for his nephew, he painted​ Almond Blossom, one of his most famous work.

From March to April 1890, thanks to Theo, Vincent's painting were exhibited at the Independant Artists exhibition where he got many positive feedback from his fellow artists. The highlight was from Claude Monet who declared that Vincent's work were the best of the show.


Van Gogh: lust for life, Irving Stone

Vincent's gift, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 30" x 24" (76 x 61 cm)

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