Artist Laurence de Valmy invites us to reflect on the links between artists through times and the relationship between Art and social media today.​ Inspired by the personal stories of artists, she revisits Art History through fictional anachronistic Instagram of the past asking “what if Instagram had always existed?”


The artist combines her knowledge of art history and painting to appropriate iconic artworks and share their stories. Each artwork, skillfully hand painted with acrylic, is a clever juxtaposition of an original painting and an imagined conversation historically accurate yet humorous. The paintings are associated with their story, available on the website and by telling the stories behind these famous artworks, the artist leads us to consider them with a new eye and reflect on the place of social media today in our relationship with art, more often seen through a screen than in person.

Laurence de Valmy is French American and lives in the USA. She started her career in France in 2005 as a painter creating artworks in the style of contemporary realism.

Her interest for art history and painting led her to create in the fall of 2016, the POST series. In 2017, she was awarded an Artist Residency by the ESKFF at Mana Contemporary, NJ (USA) to develop her concept. She got gallery representation at the end of her residency and has been exhibited in group exhibitions and major international art fairs since then.

In 2018, de Valmy’s work was displayed at the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) in Munich in the exhibition The BUNTE Art, alongside Andy Warhol and at the Barnes Foundation in the group show Let’s Connect.

Her interest for women’s place in society in general and the arts in particular, led her to create the ongoing series Her and HIStory to highlight famous duos of women and men artists. She also makes a point of featuring, in the dialogs she composes, women who played an important role in the life of famous artists such as fellow artists, art dealers, patrons and muses.

In 2019 she had a solo show with Michele Mariaud Gallery, NY and was the guest artist of Museum Week in NY. In December 2019, she presented an installation during the Miami art week at SCOPE Miami Beach with Kahn Gallery.


In June 2020, her work was in the exhibition CONCEPT at the CICA Museum in Korea and her artwork now belongs to their permanent collection. Her work appeared on the HBO series The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant through her collaboration with Michele Mariaud Gallery.

In 2021, she was among the 20 influential women artists selected by Singulart and was invited by Summit Public Art to create an art installation displayed in Summit (NJ, USA). She was part of the jury of Art Students Week. 

Her paintings belong to private collections including CICA Museum, Hubert Burda Collection, Musee du Sourire, Eileen Kaminsky Foundation.

Her artwork has been featured in notable publications such as Forbes, The Art Gorgeous, Create Magazine, Wall Street International, Blanc Magazine, Un1k and France Amerique among others and by the French Embassy in the USA.

She is an ArtCan member, a non profit community of artists and regulartly support charities through her artwork. She shares about art through her writings on her blog as well as art publications.


Art is a continuum and artists are all connected either through times or during their lifetime. They do what they do, because of who they are of course but also because of the artists who came before them and the artists they are inspired by.

My goals are to share about the stories behind the artworks, the connections between the artists and to make my viewers consider these iconic artworks with a renewed interest by replacing them in the context of their creation.

It also takes place in a reflection about the importance of social media for artists nowadays, the fact that art is often seen through a screen and the relativity of fame at one moment in time. By appropriating the artworks, I pay a tribute to their authors and play with the concept of originality.