2020      ConnectedKahn Gallery, London

2019      POST, Michele Mariaud Gallery, NYC curated by Michele Mariaud

              SOLO, Azart Gallery & French Wink, NYC

2016      French Reflections, FIAF Montclair, NJ, curated by Marie-Catherine Glaser

              Colors & Reflections, Chelsea, New York, NY, curated by Emilie Boix

2012      Colorful still life, L'Ebouillante Gallery, Paris, France


2020       SolidArty, Sothebys Institute, London, curated by Amira Gad and Emily Butler

               Concepts, CICA Museum, Seoul, South Korea

               Couleurs intemporelles, Range of Arts, Honfleur

               Group Show, Kahn Gallery, London, curated by Geraldine Hassler

2019       Artsy Christmas, Range of Arts, Honfleur

Art on a Postcard, Londoncurated by Gemma Peppe (invitational)

Lost in AbstractionKahn Gallery, London, curated by Geraldine Hassler 

2018       Art on a Postcard, Londoncurated by Gemma Peppe (invitational)

BUNTE Art, Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art, Munich

Let's Connect, Barnes Foundation

Stranger than Fiction, BG Gallery, Santa Monica

2017       DialogueAZART Gallery, New York, curated by Latifa Metheny

Wrap Around 13ARENA Gallery, New York, curated by Renée Riccardo

June Bug Auction Benefit, Novado Gallery, Jersey City

Open Studio, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City

2016       Bastille Day, FIAF, Montclair, NJ, curated by Marie-Catherine Glaser

Summer Show, Cedre Rouge Gallery, Paris, curated by Norma Bessieres

French Wink, New York, NY, curated by Claire Obry



Affordable Art Fair New YorkKahn Gallery

Affordable Art Fair BatterseaKahn Gallery

Art Up, Range of Arts, Lille, France 

Art Palm SpringsAzart Gallery 

LA Art Show, Kahn Gallery


SCOPE Miami BeachKahn Gallery 

Affordable Art Fair HamburgKahn Gallery

Affordable Art Fair New YorkAzart Gallery

Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton Museum, Michele Mariaud Gallery 

Affordable Art Fair Hong KongKahn Gallery

Art New YorkKahn Gallery

Art Market San Francisco, Kahn Gallery 

Affordable Art Fair New YorkKahn Gallery

Art Fair 14 CMichele Mariaud Gallery, NJ 

Affordable Art Fair BrusselsKahn Gallery

SCOPE New York, Kahn Gallery 

Affordable Art Fair BatterseaRange of Arts, London 

Art Up, Range of Arts, Lille, France 

Art Palm SpringsMichele Mariaud Gallery 


Cocoon BruxellesRange of Arts 

Affordable Art Fair HamburgKahn Gallery 

SOFA ChicagoKahn Gallery 

Affordable Art Fair BatterseaKahn Gallery, London 

Affordable Art Fair New York, Azart Gallery 

Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton Museum, Kahn Gallery

Affordable Art Fair Hong KongKahn Gallery

Art New YorkKahn Gallery

Moniker New YorkAzart Gallery

SCOPE New YorkAzart Gallery 

Art WynwoodAzart Gallery 

LA Art Show, BG Gallery


SCOPE Miami BeachAzart Gallery 

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