For the season 2021/2022 of Summit Public Art, three POST paintings are displayed in the hear of Summit NJ on the building of Mondo, a space dedicated to the arts.

Click on each painting to get the story behind the art and behind the scenes content

2020 Lee Sun Woman 40 x30 Laurence de Va
de valmy_Keith tree of life.jpg
2020 Basquiat paints like a child 14x11
summit logo-v3.png

Summit Public Art is a volunteer-based city organization whose mission is to bring art to public spaces throughout Summit, NJ (USA). 

Summit Public Art was founded in 2002 as the Mayor’s Partnership for Public Art. Its mission is to enhance the cityscape, infusing it with assorted contemporary art installations that provide public art experiences to those who live, work in, or visit Summit.

These aesthetic experiences enrich the citizens’ quality of life, creating community ties and pride, and they differentiate Summit from surrounding communities. 

Over the past fourteen years Summit Public Art has installed over 65 pieces of temporary art throughout the community, The artists represented include many of national and international renown.