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Roy Lichtenstein in POST series by Laurence de Valmy


The painting Masterpiece was created in 1962 and the blonde woman says, ”Why Brad Darling, this painting is a Masterpiece! My, soon you’ll have all of New York clamoring for your work!”.


This painting is a good example of the humor and wit of Lichtenstein. Indeed in February 62, he had his first solo show at the Leo Castelli gallery and his work was sold out (1). His career was launched.


In this Post, Roy shares Masterpiece still in progress, without the speech. His friend Andy Warhol reacts by a #masterpiece suggesting that he's already aware of the final project.


Leo Castelli, who just made a success with Roy is planning another show in May 1962. The gallery still presents his work until today.



Roy's Masterpiece, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24" (76 x 61 cm)

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