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Roy Lichtenstein in POST series by Laurence de Valmy


Even though since 1961, Lichtenstein's career was a success, many critics were challenging his work and its originality, since he "copied" cartoons.

On January 31, 1964, Life magazine published an article titled “Is He the Worst Artist in the U.S.?”.

The title suggests an attack but the article turned out to be a subtle celebration of the artist’s work. Still later he said, “you really don’t love to hear people hating your work but the fact that there was so much controversy kept it alive in a way. (...). But I think you always have some doubts.”


In this Post, Roy shares the article and suggests that his work will be understood in the longer run.

His friend, the artist Allan Kaprow, who encouraged him and introduced Lichtenstein to Castelli gallery, answers back quoting Picasso whom Roy admires so much.

Sources: Interview, BOMB Magazine, 1986

Roy and Life Magazine, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30" (102 x 76 cm)

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