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Making of video Mary Cassatt Little Girl in a blue chair

Making of a #newpainting available at @kahngalleryand soon at @scopeartshow This POST about Mary Cassatt had been on my list for a while since it's a favorite of mine and of course I love the story about it with her collaboration with Degas on it. 💙

Mary joins the Impressionists, 2019, 24"x18", acrylic on canvas 📚Story behind the art

On April 10, 1879, Mary Cassatt exhibited for the first time with the Independent Artists now known as the Impressionists. She joined at the invitation of Edgar Degas with whom she shared a mutual admiration and whose studio was 5 min from hers. In 1877, her entries were rejected by the Salon and in 1878, her painting Little Girl in a blue chair was rejected by the World Fair Jury. That was it! Mary Cassatt swore she would never submit to a jury again nor accept awards. She remained true to her word and never was in a jury herself. Edgar Degas had advised her on the background of this painting and the model was a daughter of a friend of his. He also had offered Cassatt the little dog on the original painting. Therefore this painting is the best example of their friendship. It was a rocky one, both being blunt and strong minded. Degas said of Cassatt, “I am not willing to admit that a woman can draw that well.” But he recognized her “infinite talent” and admired her work.


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