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2018 Ellsworth Kelly Red Blue Green 14x1

Ellsworth Kelly Red Blue Green, 2018, 

Acrylic on canvas, 14" x 11" (36 x 28 cm)

2018 Robert's Love stamp 14x11 Laurence

Bob LOVE travels, 2018, 

Acrylic on canvas, 14" x 11" (36 x 28 cm)


In 1963, Ellsworth Kelly painted Red Blue Green. He stated that his "forms are geometric, but they don't interact in a geometric sense. They're just forms that exist everywhere, even if you don't see them". Although Alexander Calder was 25 years his senior, they were great friends and he had even financially supported Kelly. His comment is based on a quote of Calder "The basis of everything I do is the universe" in line with Kelly's approach.

Robert Indiana and Kelly were partners and he was influenced by his minimalist work. Still they did not agree on the use of words that became Indiana's signature.

In 1973, LOVE already an iconic artwork became a stamp. The comment of his friend Agnes Martin is based on a quote of hers. Andy Warhol a close friend, use his favorite word "superstar".

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