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2020 Joan & 9th St show 24x18 Laurence d


On May 21st 1951, Joan Mitchell exhibited Untitled (1950) a large abstract painting, in the Ninth Street Art Show, a key exhibition for the abstract expressionist movement.


The exhibition was co-organized by the artists of The Club and the art dealer Leo Castelli supported it, comparing it to the “Salon des Independants” of 1884 in Paris.


Castelli helped Joan Mitchell to bring the painting to the space and recalled that they had difficulty to make it through the door.


Upon seeing the painting, her mentors William de Kooning and Franz Kline declared “it was marvelous” and advised on giving it a place of honor in the exhibition.


Sources: Ninth Street Women, Mary Gabriel

Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter, Patricia Albers

Joan & 9th St Show, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 18" (61x 46 cm)

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