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2019 Klimt and the tree of life


The painting The Fulfillment also called Embrace or Lovers is a study for a series of three mosaics created by Klimt between 1905-1911. The mosaics form a part of a larger commission by Belgian patrons of the arts Adolphe and Suzanne Stoclet to decorate their mansion. The pair were avid art collectors and collected art from different cultures and times including Egyptian and Byzantine arts, source of inspiration for Klimt.


The cartons were created in the summer 1908 during a summer stay at the Villa Oleander. One can assume that the lovers are Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge. Klimt wrote Flöge in 1914 after his first inspection of the finished mosaic in Brussels that he was “most intensely” reminded of the troubles, pleasures, and worries during the creation of the work drawings.


Emilie Floge was a fashion designer who designed the costumes in Klimt’s paintings. She was Klimt’s lifetime companion (despite his many lovers) and his last words were “get Emilie”. She inherited half of his estate, never married and kept a room dedicated to him.



Sources: Klimt, Ilona Sarmany-Parsons. 1988   I Klimt, Jane Rogoyska and Patrick Bade, 2005

Gustav and the Tree of Life, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 60" x 40" (152 x 102 cm)

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