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2020 Andy going bananas 14 x11 Laurence


Way before the smart phone, Warhol would carry a camera with him almost constantly, to create a visual diary. He referred to his Polaroid Big Shot camera as his "pen and pencil”.

When he passed away, in February 1987, there were over 50,000 photographs left in his estate and Christie’s appraised them at $1.05 each! Now some Polaroid shots fetch prices at auction of $15,000, and more.

In this Post, Andy shares a polaroid still life of1978, (likely shot in September) and gets positive comments from Henry Geldzahler, his friend and supporter who said ”People think “I can take photographs, I can do something like that” and what they leave out of consideration is that incredible man of experience that lies behind the work, the simplicity is only apparent. The training of the hand, of the eye is un-learnable except by instinct and only 15 or 20 artists of a generation have that instinct.”

Artist William Walton is not among the fans and said in a TV interview "He hasn’t contributed much to the development of interesting things in American painting. The thinnest (of his work) is very apparent”.


Sources:The Andy Warhol Diaries /  Kasmin gallery / / ABC News Segment (1979)

Andy going bananas, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 14" x 11" (36 x 28 cm)

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