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Roy Lichtenstein in POST series by Laurence de Valmy


On December 25th 1965, Magritte is in NYC for the opening of his show at the MOMA.


He liked to play with words and therefore on this POST, he shares a picture of Ceci n’est pas une pomme completed in 1964, from his famous series The treachery of images started in 1928.


Magritte described himself as doing painted poesy and Marcel Duchamp, a longtime friend, comments about this with his usual humor.


Jasper Johns was an admirer of Magritte who made us think about the relation between images and objects. Johns with his “object-paintings” has worked on the same theme in his own way.



Magritte, Bernard Noel, 1977

Magritte, Suzi Gablik, 1970

Magritte, Jacques Meuris, 1998

Rene Magritte in Big Apple, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 24" (91 x 61 cm)

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