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2018 Keith Dancing with Stars 40x30 Laur


In 1988, Keith Haring made a poster for the 40th anniversary of the NYC Ballet which opened on April 26. He supported projects, he believed in and saw posters as a way to reach more people which was in line with his Pop Shop Project (where he stands on the profile photo) towards democratization of art. Haring loved dancing and believed in art as a way to bring "man and the world together”. His comments and # are a referral to his interpretation of the American Flag as a welcoming country and his belief in equality and art for everyone. it is also a reminder, in the current political context, about how we are all equal humans on this planet, the stars referring both to the flag and to the universe.

Madonna, his long-time friend quotes a line of her recent hit at the time Into the groove: "only when I'm dancing, can I feel this free”

Yoko Ono wrote about him "He has always stood outside the art world because his art is the people's art... John Lennon did that...Keith is doing exactly the same thing and that's why he communicates on such a big level”. Yoko Ono promotes peace with the 2 emoji symbols of peace as a reminder that it's a fragile state and we all need to promote its importance.

The number of likes is the date of the declaration of independence.

Keith dancing with the stars, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30" (102 x 76 cm)

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