Laurence de Valmy invites us to reflect on the links between artists through times and the relationship between Art and social media today.​

Inspired by the personal stories of artists, she revisits Art History through anachronic social media of the past, based on the aesthetics of Instagram and TikTok.

In her POST paintings, she combines iconic artworks skillfully appropriated with imagined conversations on Instagram, historically accurate yet humorous. The TikTok Timeless are short videos, available as NFTs, sharing a moment in time in the life of these artists. By telling the stories behind these artworks, the artist leads us to consider them with a new eye and ponder on the central place of social media for artists.

In her more recent series #hashtagsareart, she explores the place of this tool in our communication through phygital artworks available as limited print editions and NFTs.

Laurence de Valmy is French American and lives in San Diego, USA. Her work is represented by galleries based in New York, London and France. She is an active member of Artcan.org, a non profit artist community.

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Galleries and Museums (MUCA Munich, Barnes Foundation Philadelphia, CICA Museum Korea)


New York • Miami • Los Angeles • Chicago • Palm Springs • London • Paris • Lille • Brussels • Hamburg • Hong Kong



CICA Museum, Hubert Burda Collection, Musee du Sourire, Eileen Kaminsky Foundation