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2021 Barbara is on the battlefield 40x30


On the day of the Women’s March of April 9th, 1989, Kruger’s artwork was used as a flyer. Kruger’s comments refer to an interview where she declared ”I think I developed language skills to deal with the threat. It’s the girl thing to do – you know, instead of pulling out a gun.” The hashtags were inspired by “I never say I do political art. Nor do I do feminist art. I’m a woman who’s a feminist, who makes art.”

The artist Cindy Sherman, a close friend of Kruger plays with the message of the painting while the artist Marilyn Minter, a strong advocate for Women’s rights, likes the post.

Richard Prince, another friend of Kruger, known for his humor, makes a word play with the word reproduction. Prince became famous for re-photographing Marlboro advertisements and, along the other Picture Generation group of artists, pushed the boundaries of appropriation art. In a discussion with Kruger, Prince asked Kruger “do you think your work is produced or reproduced?”




Interview Magazine, February 13 2013

Barbara Kruger interviewed by Richard Prince, BOMB Magazine | Sep 11, 2009

The Broad

Barbara is on the battlefield, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 40" x 30" (102x 76 cm)

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